How to solve a frozen Kindle problem

Kindle 1 :

This is some what tough to do. the first thing to try is press
ALT +SHIFT+R in your kindle. This should do a soft reset on the device and kindle should reboot now
if that doesn’t work, then we should go for a hard reset. following are the steps to do a hard reset.
  Remove back cover of Kindle
  you can do it by gently pressing and holding the back cover and       slide it to the right side.
 Look for the Reset button
 You can see a reset button on top of the battery compartment.See it   in the above figure
 Now using  a paper clip or small object , press on the reset button.  after some minutes the kindle should restart and turn on.
 There’s always a final note:
 if both the above reset didn’t work, then try this also
  • Remove the battery from your kindle
  • Directly connect to the AC adapter with out the battery
  • Put back the battery and let it charge for some time.

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Beauty care said...

Everything is amazing!!!! Thank you....

KnightsKia said...

How come I cannot get the back cover off of my original Kindle as shown in the first photo??? I have tried and it does not slide off at all :(

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