Fix 0x80040600 Outlook 2007 Unknown Error | how to repair the pst file

0x80040600 Outlook 2007 Unknown Error is a serious error. You will be completely stuck once you start receiving reported error 0x80040600.Because none of the email actions like send/receive will work at this stage.Here I will explain how to fix the 0x80040600 or a similar Outlook error 0x80040119.

The root cause:

The 0x80040600 error ( Sometimes in the message dialog you can see that it’s an outlook unknown error ) is the after effect of a corrupted PST file. If you don’t know what a PST file is then, PST file is a data file where outlook stores all of its data.Sometimes if outlook is not closed properly , or due to a virus attack the outlook data file will get corrupted. That will finally give you error codes like 0x80040600 or error code 0x80040119.

How to Fix :

There are a lot ( I’m serious ), a lot of outlook repair tools available in the market. You can fix these errors by repairing the outlook PST file using the Microsoft inbox repair tool ( SCANPST.exe ) or using any Advanced outlook repair tool.

Step1 : Make sure that the outlook is closed. To do this , Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys together in your keyboard.Go to the Process TAB and check if the outlook.exe is listed there or not.If its listed then select the outlook.exe and press the “End process” button.

Step2: Locate the Outlook Inbox repair tool in your system. For Outlook 2007 the path for the Inbox repair tool ( ScanPST.exe )will be given below

drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.

IN Outlook 2003 , the SCANPST.exe is located in

drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033
drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

There you can see a file called “Scanpst.exe”. If you are not able to see the files, Make sure that the view hidden files and folders in the explorer folder options. Once you get the Scanpst.exe , double click to run it.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Inbox Repair Tool

Now that you’ve opened the Scanpst.exe. You need to locate your Outlook PST file to start repairing it. Fixing the 0x80040600 Outlook 2007 Unknown Error will not be that easy. Of course you need to follow these steps.But It’s not that tough.
Step3: How to locate the outlook pst file ?  you need to go to the following folder.The folder path will be different based on the Outlook version and windows version.
  1. Click Start button –> Go to Control Panel –> Click on Mail
  2. Click on “Data Files” button
  3. Click on the Filepath and select the file name from the new window.
Some screenshots are given below.

Mail Setup - outlook2010_2011-08-25_23-36-23
Account Settings_2011-08-25_23-38-30
Personal Folders_2011-08-25_23-39-13

Step4: Come back to the Scanpst.exe window. Click on the browse button and give the above PST file path. Now click the start button in the ScanPst.exe window. This will start fixing the error codes 0x80040600 and 0x80040119.

0x80040600 and 0x80040119 errors are serious errors as I said in the first paragraph. 
Because sometimes if you couldn’t able to fix it properly , you could end up losing all your emails and personal contacts and all other information from your outlook.So the best option to avoid these kind of errors is to compact your outlook PST file regularly and keep a good software for checking the health of the outlook files.

Last but not least, The above methods will not give you 100% results all the time. And many of you will think that these are tedious steps. So I’ll suggest you to use the below software for simplifying all these steps.Moreover this software has lot of advanced techniques to make the repairing process faster and more perfect. Try this out


Thanks for reading this.If you’ve any comments or doubts please post it here


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